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Community of Practice Meeting: 19 Nov

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Customer Centered Training

We’re moving the training function from an overhead cost activity to a value added, profit making, critically significant strategic force of the enterprise.

First step was a discussion of current training program issues among regional enterprises.  Significant feedback was collected through this agenda:


Meeting 1 Flyer



Talking Paper: Talking Paper: Customer Centered Initiative

Foundation structure for is a chart of Outcomes, Functions, and Features that enterprise levels need from a successful/sufficient Training Program.  Here’s a draft for us to work on:

C3 Chart v5

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The initial list of current outcomes, functions and features is listed in the following table, along with opportunities for improvement, and an outline of programs to implement changes.

Issues and Opportunities

We’ll meet for an organizational meeting of a community of practice in November, venue being decided as yet.

Seth Pillsbury