The Game Changer

Collaboration changes everything: management, economics, leadership and productivity.

Discussions with Training Managers clearly outlined issues of concern and opportunity

Training Issues & Opportunities

There’s infrastructure to deal with the initiatives on a regional basis, managed through a Community of Practice.

Recruiting great workers depends mostly
on having great managers.  Developing
great managers takes an full, strategic agenda,
best supported with collaborative, regional

Workers should be attracted, not recruited.

Employees should be engaged, not directed.

Development programs should directly address
enterprise development, not just skills.

HRQMC’s Regional Corporate University:

  • Training Arsenal
  • Customer-Centered Culture
  • Sustainability
  • Return on Investment
  • Productivity

Papers to outline the concepts and agenda:

Charter Draft v1

AT36B Culture-of-Quality ASQ September 2014
AT36 ACTION to Create Culture of Quality 102814

Attachment 5 CoP Agenda Mtg 1 v