COP Charter

Community of Practice Charter – DRAFT

Community of Practice

This Charter establishes a Community of Practice within the Hampton Roads Quality Management Community as the means for regional collaboration to continuously improve workforce and staff training and development in support of enterprise productivity.

HRQMC is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, Federal Employee ID Number 54-1518628.

Purpose and Need Statement

The Community of Practice (CoP) will develop a Purpose and Need statement for the initiative that addresses the common training objectives and outcomes of participating enterprises.  The statement should describe current state and the critical issues with suggestions for a balance among competing challenges to establish long term productivity improvements.

The Purpose Statement should outline the several outcomes, features and functions of regional level program elements capable of providing support for enterprise initiatives.  Input must be collected from appropriate provider – customer – leader roles to determine an accurate baseline and goals.  Most importantly requirements of senior leadership must be addressed to enable their engagement to establish workforce training/development as a basic means of enterprise strategic deployment.

Community of Practice Participants

Hampton Roads Quality Management Community (HRQMC) will provide administrative and convener services: meeting coordination, communications, and planning support.

The initial participants (the Community) of this CoP are:

  • Sumitomo Drive
  • Busch Manufacturing
  • Busch LLC
  • Bauer Compressors
  • Liebherr Mining Equipment
  • Lifetouch National School Photos
  • Deurig Green Mountain Coffee
  • Stihl Incorporated
  • Valkyrie Enterprises
  • Associates
    • TMG
    • AeroTek
    • Playbook

Community participants will be expected to attend meetings and facilitate the definition and analysis of issues toward prioritization and deployment of projects.  Should participants no longer elect to engage in the CoP they are expected to inform HRQMC directly.

Community of Practice Domain

The field of interest for the CoP is Talent Acquisition: Recruiting and On-Boarding, Resource Sharing, Team Capability Development, and Organizational Productivity.

Community of Practice Practices

Activities within the CoP will function at the regional level to support development and implementation of support for the largest number of participants.  It is suggested that the DMAIC cycle principles be applied to structure various agendas and activities of the CoP.

  • DEFINE – Establish Regional Program Elements
  • MEASURE – Outline Opportunities for Customer Desired Performance
  • ANALYZE – Structure Program Potentials on a Regional Basis
  • IMPLEMENT – Submit for CEO Approval and Authority
  • CONTROL – Monitor with a Community of Practice

A file of Practice Plans and Activities will be maintained as an attachment to this Charter.

Costs for the CoP should be supported through payment for particular services rendered, rather than from membership dues unless otherwise decided.

Business Model

To achieve benefit from CoP practices beyond current enterprise functions, CoP outcomes should seek to achieve:

  • Responsiveness and cost reduction
  • Productivity and Return on Investment

Project Outcome

Continuous improvement of talent acquisition practices in the region will depend on the development of a culture ingrained with interests of Lean/Six Sigma, and Team Initiatives.

The benefit of regional initiatives are best achieved as a brand reputation is established by which “Made in Hampton Roads” communicates a place attractive for workers and of high regard for customers.