Managing for Innovation

Our specific jobs usually require skills derived from a certified curriculum.  But dealing with change is different.

Change involves leadership, teamwork, alignment of strategic projects to daily work, and self sustained customer-centered direction – for starters.  It’s cultural.  Resources from beyond the organization are needed.  Everyone needs to be engaged.  There’s lots of risk.

The Hampton Roads Quality Management Community provides the means for organizations to manage change/innovation:

  • Customer: Staff/Middle Managers and Project Teams
  • Mission: Organizational Performance Upgrades
  • Value: Strategic Development through Customer-Centered Performance
  • Result: Strategic Project Competitions
  • Plan: Rounds on Target: Forum – Workshop – Team Development – Team Deployment

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Talent Acquisition – Innovation – Knowledge Networking – Continuous Improvement

Put your company in a new paradigm for success when you choose our exciting new team training techniques to upgrade your staff’s skills and teamwork capabilities. We provide affordable and detailed customer service, productivity, and quality training for companies of all sizes.

By addressing your company holistically, and providing perspective on its role in the community of other businesses, we’re able to offer you an unparalleled level of information along with a potentially startling new view of how your teams work better together than as individual units.

Rounds on Target – Phase 2 Outcome:

  1. Feedback reports common items:
    1. Attendance by senior leadership
    2. Immediate project applications
  2. Toolbook for ongoing customer outcome strategic plans
  3.  Plan: Teams worked up draft plan for action on significant customer outcomes – priceless!
  4. Management Model: make KW productive on an organizational and regional basis!
  5. Strategy: Customer-Centered Culture (C3) or traditional
  6. Rds on Trg: Core Competence and Deployment Capability: Equip your workforce to identify and implement actions to deploy C3

Contact HRQMC in Virginia Beach, Virginia, to provide your company with team-oriented business training.

The Innovative Initiative

The capacity to innovate is more a function of core competence and organizational structure, rather than imaginative string of proposals to change things.  Along with being a maritime, health, technology, serevice, or finance business, it’s imperative that each organization also be innovative.  It’s not fair to assume managers and leaders are innovative just because they have professional certifications.  Customer-Centered leadership with projects and team management aligned with daily work must be learned and demonstrated to the entire workforce/value stream.

You either have a structure within your enterprise that does customer-centered project deployment or you don’t.  You either have strategic customer-centered planning and implementation as a core competency or you don’t.  It’s a hugely obvious trait.

Tighten your staff into a powerful unit with efficient business training from HRQMC. The objective is to establish customer-centered project teams among organizations across Hampton Roads. This will institutionalize innovative competence broadly, sustaining it against changes of market and leadership.

We are a non-profit community of practice among the area’s organizations working to improve productivity and competitiveness.

Get next-generation team training presented collaboratively and in a whole new context. Most people provide training individual-to-individual or only with specific groups within a company. We assemble multiple teams within our organization to develop a special characteristic that meets the specific needs of each business we work with, rather than just selling a pre-designed product or service.