The Game Changer

Regional Platform of Performance Transformation

Where is Your Competitive Edge:

  • Functional Processes and Individual Employees, or

  • Customer-Driven Project Teams


Moving From Hierarchical, Authoritarian Structures to Strength Developing, Engaged Team Operations

Regional Agenda for Managers, Staff, and Team Leaders

Before Transformation

After Transformation

What do they have?

Antagonistic, authoritative relationships

Supportive, talent developmental , challenging coaches

What are they feeling?

Frustrated; disappointed

Engaged; excited

What’s an average day like?

Pointless; unrewarding

Meaningful; satisfying

What is their status?

No respect; barely courtesy

Pride of responsibility and capability

The biggest problem with leading change is making it stick.  After all of the action of planning and execution there is a great tendency to decompress and say, “OK, that was great and we all did well, now let’s get back to work!”

Hierarchical, traditional organizations have a very strong culture.  We all grew up with it.  Resorting to old views and attitudes is comfortable – less stressful than the adventure of high risk initiative and team accountability.

Additionally, changing how folks work implies to some degree than we were doing poorly in the first place, and that’s difficult to deal with, especially for more senior managers and executives.

The solution: change the game.  Replace plans with planning, training with learning, and grades with development.

The HRQMC regional agenda provides a scalable platform for sustained change initiatives.  It’s a game changer.


A platform of forums, workshops and seminars for senior leadership, managers, staff and workforce leaders to directly address loss areas:

  • Turnover/Recruiting
  • Training
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Customer Expectations
  • Management Effectiveness
  • Engagement

Come aboard:  Successful change requires a clear, institutionalized framework independent of the various participating organizations.  Rationalization is the key.

  • Register for quarterly forums/workshops
  • Audition a talk for semi-annual TEDxHamptonRoads Talks
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Team Memberships


Prezi Presentation: The HRQMC Story


Discussions with Training Managers clearly outlined issues of concern and opportunity

Training Issues & Opportunities

There’s infrastructure to deal with the initiatives on a regional basis, managed through a Community of Practice.

Recruiting great workers depends mostly
on having great managers.  Developing
great managers takes an full, strategic agenda,
best supported with collaborative, regional

Workers should be attracted, not recruited.

Employees should be engaged, not directed.

Development programs should directly address
enterprise development, not just skills.

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Action Plan to Create a Culture-of-Quality, Rob Lawton